Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My feed is Back!

 For quite a while I struggled with the feed on my blog. It just never updated, stuck in time, it remained 10 months old. Nothing new, always the same post. I would play with it from time to time but never fully engaged my problem solving skills. It seemed all too much with everything else........( Heavens! This could the real struggle with my life! ) Anyway, today Ilse, of Insh'allah, diagnosed the problem, found a solution and sent it to me. Now keep in mind this is someone I've never met, never even talked with, but still took the time to help. That my friends is the stuff that keeps me rooting for the human race. 
Ilse describes herself as " African-born Kiwi from Oz living in Bahrain" . Insh'allah is a record of Ilse's thoughts and observations. It's witty, interesting and insightful.  I find it fascinating, an open door onto the world of the Middle East.
I learned of Ilse's blog, through my friend Lynn of Autour de la Table d'Hote, and Jardins des Thevenets fame. (This is a photo Lynn took of the pool house at JDT). In my dreams, I live here.
Drop by both blogs, I am sure you will find them unusual and interesting.
And if you haven't already decided to come along, join Lynn and I in September for a French Culture, Food and Wine Holiday!
Thanks Ilse for the assistance, I never would have fixed the feed without you! Thanks Lynn for introducing me to Ilse. Thanks Ujwala for introducing me to Lynn, and Thanks Natasha for moving across the street from me, you made it all happen!

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